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Variable Data Printing and Mailings lets you contact your customers personally


The combination of digital printing and litho printing technologies has enabled us to offer a wide variety of innovative solutions to challenging technical or marketing situations. It is always best to call and speak to us about your mailing projects due to the technical issues that can arise and need to be highlighted early in the process. This also enables us to provide a more accurate, complete and often lower costing than you may find in our Products and Prices section of this website.

Typically variable data is a term used to describe information often found in a data base that may include a list of names and addresses. Each record is defined by a series of headings which becomes the field name in a mailmerge template. It is also possible however, to record images as a type of field. Therefore images as well as database fields can become part of the overall variable data, allowing each printed page to contain not just different details but also different images.

We can offer a complete service for manipulating the variable data. The service includes checking the data for duplicates and other errors, mailsorting the data, generating the mailsort reports, designing the document layout, managing the manipulation and merging of client data and maintaining mailsort integrity. We also manage the mail fulfillment and despatch. In short the whole process can be confidently left in our hands to ensure an accurate and reliable and prompt service.

The dIgital printing equipment will produce fast, high quality printing of variable data either in colour or black only, on pre printed headed paper or just plain paper stocks. We are able to produce short sample runs as part of the proofing process as well as generate pdf files as proofs.

If you would prefer to supply the preprinted materials ie letterheads, envelopes etc. please be aware that the stocks must be compatible with our equipment. We would recommend a short run to ensure there will be no problems. It is always important not to use any form of drying powder on the paper. Envelopes must be machine closable and if window envelopes are being used, please supply a sample to ensure the address positions are correctly aligned for the windows.Any problems arising from paper or envelopes supplied are entirely at the customer's expense and any costs we incur using that material will be chargeable.

Digital Embossing

It is also now possible to produce personalised mailers which can be individually embossed using digital embossing techniques. This remarkable technique produces very high impact print due to the added texture and gloss that can be added to the document. An application includes mailings to generate interest for high value events such as conferences or for membership of societies or clubs.

We can also of course, print the headed paper stocks, and machine insertable envelopes at a variety of sizes with either your PPI, or, if preferred, our own PPI. Please note that postage is payable in full before we despatch any items.

We have produced many mailings over the years including long runs of highly complex multi page Pension Statements. This brings together litho printed and die cut cover material bound with up to 12 pages of variable and static data and personalised letters. The mailings normally include a number of other inserts and we managed all the inserting, bagging, labelling and despatch of the mailing

Other applications of digital printing and variable data includes producing personalised books, personalised conference notes or training materials, short run NCR books and even personalised newsletters.

If you would like to discuss your mailing project or have a bespoke quote, please contact us on 01892 752277 or email

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